Month: September 2019

SoundCloud Follower Count: How To Check This (Among Other Things)
• 27 September 2019

With humble beginnings in Germany 12 years ago, SoundCloud was at its inception a platform for independent artists to interact, sharing their inputs and outputs with one another. Plenty of grassroots artists found their niche in this app, developing their own followings through the internet equivalent of word-of-mouth. It began as a website, gradually developing […] Read More

Why you should care more about Instagram comments
• 13 September 2019

While social media has a lot of different channels for interacting with people, comments are the best way to go by a long shot. You might follow the same people and like the same posts as they do, but comments let you individualize in the masses of faceless online followers. Sometimes, people even react to […] Read More

#GettingItDone: The Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes
• 09 September 2019
#GettingItDone: The Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags, pound notes/signs, or octothorpes (don’t ask) are pretty common on Instagram. The app uses these little symbols to denote, categorize, and manage their sheer volume of content into slightly more manageable streams of themed sections. They’re not something exclusive to Instagram, but chances are you encounter them way more here then other social media […] Read More