How to Get Your TikTok Wrapped Stats For 2024

• 09 June 2024
How to Get Your TikTok Wrapped Stats

Are you wondering about how much time you have spent on TikTok? Have you heard about TikTok Wrapped? If the answer is yes, then learn how it works, and if not, then let’s just get to know what it actually is and what it shows.

TikTok is a short video platform and one of the most downloaded apps of the past few years. Wait ! Don’t tell me you are the one who is not using TikTok because it is something unbelievable. Long story short,  TikTok is the future of social media.

Spotify was one of the first apps to take the risk of the wrapped feature and introduce it to its users. However, after its success, many other apps launched their own wrapped systems where you can overview the whole activity. 

In the year 2021, TikTok designed and created a Wrap feature where users can not only see the number of videos they have liked but can also view the statistics of how many audiences have interacted with their videos.

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Quick Answer : 


Step 1:
Open the search engine.
Step 2:
Type wrapped for TikTok.
Step 3:
Visit the Wrapped for TikTok website.
Step 4:
Enter your login credentials, which are your USERNAME and password.
Step 5:
Click on ‘I have my TikTok data export; let’s go.‘
Step 6:
Press Enter, and your TikTok wrapped will be displayed for the respective year.

What is TikTok Wrapped? 

TikTok Wrapped is a feature that tells you about the stats of your TikTok activity, which range from watched videos to time spent on it.

What does TikTok Wrapped show? 

TikTok-wrapped shows: 

  1. The number of total watched videos by the end of the year.
  2. Total time spent on TikTok.
  3. Most watched video on TikTok. 
  4. How many people reached your particular post?
  5. The total number of posted comments.
  6. Frequently used emoji.
  7. Calculate the days when you use TikTok the most.
  8. How many watch sessions have you’ve had? 

This is what TikTok Wrapped is all about! 

Here above, there is a term for TikTok Data Export, and you might be wondering what this is and how to get it. Hold On! How to get your TikTok data and how to export it is just an easy game. 

Export My TikTok Data: 

Let’s just learn how it works.

  1. First, open the TikTok app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Then log into your account.
  3. In the next step, go home and click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Open the settings and privacy.
  5. Then click on the account and download your data. It is to be kept in mind that while you download the data, it should be downloaded in readable format.

Choose a JSON-machine-readable Machine-Readable File because TikTok Wrapped is able to read data only in JSON format.

How to Get Your TikTok Wrapped Stats

JSON (machine-readable file): 

JSON is a format for storing data that can be read by humans and machines.

Menu > Settings and Privacy > Account > Request Data > Download Data.

This is a detailed guide on how you can request, download, and export your TikTok data.

TikTok Wrapped is not offered officially by the TikTok app itself; rather, it was developed by Bennett Hollstein. 

Back in 2022, the TikTok app stopped offering wrapped insights into an account. Following this situation, people started using third-party websites to get their TikTok wrapped stats. You can get your TikTok stats by visiting the mentioned website: 

Website :

Is Wrapped for TikTok Safe to Use? 

The users are very concerned about the use of ‘Wrapped for TikTok’ and whether it is safe to use or not. When you download data from your TikTok app, it may include your username and password details.

On the other hand, the ‘Wrapped for TikTok’ website mentions: 

“The exported data does not include any of your login credentials or other sensitive information.” So it is very obvious from the statement that it is completely safe and secure to use TikTok wrapped.

What to Remember When Getting TikTok Wrapped? 

Well, there are several things to keep in mind while getting your TikTok wrapped. We have mentioned them below: 

1. Deeper Insight: 

It refers to the situation of having a deeper insight into the TikTok data and not jumping quickly over chunks of data. When you thoroughly examine the data, you are more likely to have a better understanding of the TikTok statistics, which enables you to acknowledge the trends and design your strategies accordingly. 

2. Remember the Actual Context of the Content: 

Once you have fetched out your TikTok Wrapped, you’ll have the numerical values for all the features that it promises, and it is the best way to understand what type of content is liked the most by your audience. In short, it’s equally important to stay in touch with the actual context. 

TikTok Wrapped FAQ

Why I cannot access my 2023 TikTok wrapped: 

Unfortunately, TikTok Wrapped for 2023 is not available. To get 2023 stats, you need to use third-party tools.

How long does it take to request your TikTok data? 

It usually takes 18 to 24 hours.

What does TikTok data include? 

TikTok Data contains all the information about the activity of your account. p

Conclusion : 

TikTok wrapped is the simplest and most effortless way to keep an eye on your TikTok activity at the end of each year. You can monitor your TikTok app usage with just a few clicks. Long story short, TikTok Wrapped is the need for time to keep you on track and make better use of your content.

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