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You’ve read a plethora of blog posts on how to engage people to your Instagram profile and grow your audience. One day, you’ve decided to put your knowledge to the test and make yourself a big figure on the platform. Pretty soon, you’ve likely discovered that gaining an audience is quite a tedious process.

While you should stick with trying to attract people to your account naturally, there is a faster way to increase your posts’ engagement rate. This can be done by buying Instagram video views!

At BuySocialMediaMarketing, we offer a variety of Instagram Video Views packages, with one of the cheapest options being the 100-view package. For $1.99, it’s an excellent way for newbies to gain an initial boost for growth!

Instagram strongly values engagement rate nowadays, with video views being a decisive factor in it together with likes and comments. And since high engagement rates can have your posts pushed to others’ feeds, it’s imperative that you gain as many likes, comments, and video views as you can by creating quality posts.

With that being said, for an initial boost, our 100-view Instagram package can deliver remarkable value in a matter of minutes!


Small Packages

If you are looking for a package to try out the video views service, one of these packages will be your best choice, our prices start at just $1.99!

Medium Packages

If you are looking for a larger boost of Instagram Video Views, pick a package from the list below. These are the most popular packages we sell.

Large Packages

If you want to hit the bullseye - this one is for you! Our top packages will fit the needs perfectly for true aficionados of Instagram marketing.

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Common Questions and Answers

How to get 100 Views on Instagram?

There are two main ways of gaining view views – organically or by buying them.

To increase your video views organically, you need to increase your follower count to get more eyes on your video. Not only that, if you have a video that people engage with by liking or commenting under it, Instagram may push your post to other people’s feeds.

Attracting views organically is time-consuming though. Buying isn’t, and with BuySocialMediaMarketing, it takes just minutes for your video to get those 100 views!

What information do you need from me to proceed with 100 Instagram views delivery?

We only need your username. No passwords, phone numbers, or addresses are necessary – we just need to know who the views need to be delivered to.

You also need to select the video you want to apply the views to, and be mindful that your Instagram profile needs to be set to public in order to receive views.

Who is going to watch my Instagram videos if I purchase 100 Instagram Views?

Other Instagram users, of course! Instagram counts video views only when posts are viewed in the Instagram app, so there are no other options for this.

Aside from that, what this means is that your posts won’t end up in some shady third-party website for view farming – it just won’t work!

Is it safe to buy 100 IG Video Views?

Yes, it’s safe to buy 100 Instagram video views. In fact, it’s safe to buy any of our Video Views packages!

We have delivered hundreds of millions of views to thousands of customers in past years, and the delivery process has consistently been smooth and trouble-free. Not only that, but buying Instagram video views is a common practice among beginning and experienced Instagrammers alike, so you will be using a service just like thousands of others!

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