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Looking for ways to give a quick boost to your SoundCloud track?

BuySocialMediaMarketing’s 200 SoundCloud Plays service may be the right option for you. Merely one of our SoundCloud Plays packages, this package offers some good value to those who are relatively new to the platform.

The package delivery starts nearly instantly – in the majority of cases, it takes just a few minutes for our buyers to register an increase in the selected track’s play count. It’s very easy to place an order as well – a couple of clicks, and our system will be ready to deliver those 200 SoundCloud plays to your desired track.

We do guarantee to deliver the stated number of plays to your SoundCloud track, be it 100 or 100K.

If we fail to deliver, then you may request a full refund from us. So what, does our 200 SoundCloud Plays package sound like something you need for success?


Small Packages

If you are looking for a package to try out the plays service, one of these packages will be your best choice, our prices start at just $1.99!

Medium Packages

If you are looking for a larger boost of Soundcloud Plays, pick a package from the list below. These are the most popular packages we sell.

Large Packages

If you want to hit the bullseye - this one is for you! Our top packages will fit the needs perfectly for true aficionados of Soundcloud marketing.

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Common Questions and Answers

What information do you need to start the delivery?

We only need your track’s URL to start the delivery. Nothing more than that – no passwords or usernames.

Other SoundCloud users don’t need to know your login or password to listen to your tracks, right? The same applies to our SoundCloud Plays packages.

Can I split SoundCloud Plays over multiple tracks?

No, we don’t allow spreading the plays across several SoundCloud tracks.

Since our SoundCloud Plays packages are very affordable, you don’t really need to spread plays – you can just buy, say, multiple 200-play packages for each of your videos!

Will I get likes, downloads, etc. if I purchase SoundCloud Plays?

This may happen – it will be up to those who are sent to listen to your track. With our SoundCloud Plays packages, we only guarantee to deliver plays. If we fail to deliver, you may request a full refund from us.
We do not give any guarantees on likes, reposts, or follows with Plays packages.

If you want to get likes, reposts, etc., then have a look at the corresponding packages.

With that being said, we do recommend that you get a proportional number of likes, comments, follows, or reposts for the desired track. This will help keep things natural, as well as will have a better effect on your track’s engagement rate.

Will anyone know that I have bought SoundCloud Plays?

No, we do not share the data of our clients with anybody.

Your privacy is our top priority, and no third-party company or private individual will get access to your private information.

The only possible way for someone to find out that you’ve bought SoundCloud Plays (and any other of our services) is if you tell them about it yourself.

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