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You aren’t quite done once you’ve figured out how to drive hundreds of organic plays, likes, or comments to your SoundCloud tracks. The journey for you has just begun – now, you need to increase your audience to thousands!

Is this difficult to do? Well, as you should know by now, yes. Are there any shortcuts you could take? Yes, there are a few tricks with which you can increase your exposure quicker.

We are talking about buying stats, particularly, plays. And for somewhat established artists, BuySocialMediaMarketing’s 2,500 SoundCloud Plays package may be an excellent option.

Our delivery process starts nearly instantly. To top it off, it takes just a few clicks from you to start seeing the play count crawling up. And if you mix this package with Likes, Reposts, or Comments packages, you can see results that you couldn’t possibly reach naturally in a short time frame!


Small Packages

If you are looking for a package to try out the plays service, one of these packages will be your best choice, our prices start at just $1.99!

Medium Packages

If you are looking for a larger boost of Soundcloud Plays, pick a package from the list below. These are the most popular packages we sell.

Large Packages

If you want to hit the bullseye - this one is for you! Our top packages will fit the needs perfectly for true aficionados of Soundcloud marketing.

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Common Questions and Answers

I’ve just ordered the package, now what?

After completing the payment, check your email for confirmation. Then, the delivery process will start in minutes, and you will see an increase in the selected track’s play count very soon.

But keep in mind that the delivery may start within up to 12 hours if we are receiving many orders at a time. Not only that, it may take some time for all 2,500 views to get delivered.

Do you offer a free trial for your SoundCloud Plays packages?

No, we do not offer any trials on our SoundCloud Plays packages at the moment.

If you are uncomfortable to buy a larger package like the 2,500 SoundCloud Plays, then we suggest that you have a look at cheaper packages like 100 or 250 plays. These are very inexpensive yet should give you a good idea of what to expect from larger packages.

Are plays more important than likes, reposts, etc.?

We wouldn’t say so. If we are talking about SoundCloud’s search algorithm, then everything matters – your likes, plays, reposts, followers, profile description, and many other stats and factors.

If you are looking to improve your rankings on SoundCloud, then we suggest that you mix in some likes, reposts, and followers with the plays. This should allow for a more natural effect. You should buy different packages in certain proportions – you may check what the ratio of likes, plays, comments, etc. is on your existing tracks to get some reference. You may also have a look at others’ stats.

What information do you need from me to start the delivery?

We only require your SoundCloud track’s URL to deliver the plays.

No usernames or passwords are required – we only need to know the URL, just like people would if they were to want to listen to your track.

They don’t need to know your password or username to do it, right?

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