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Common questions

How can 250,000 IG video views help my profile?

Such a large number of video views can quickly increase your video’s engagement rate. If you didn’t know, engagement rate is the key metric upon which Instagram decides to place your post in other users’ feeds. With that being said, engagement rate also depends on likes and comments, so views alone won’t deliver that big of an effect. Plus, it may be suspicious to other users if your video has a lot of views and very few likes or comments. Thus, get likes, comments, and views for a better overall impact.

Will 250K views be a good number for me?

Depends on your audience. If you are relatively new to Instagram, then it would make more sense for you to go for a smaller package, maybe 1-2K views. But if you have a bigger audience and getting tens of thousands of views isn’t a problem, then this package may be excellent for you.

How long will it take for you to deliver 250K views?

The delivery process generally starts within seconds, but it may be delayed for up to 30-60 minutes if there are many orders coming at once. Smaller packages tend to be delivered in several minutes, but the bigger the package, the longer it will take. You will notice an increase in video views quickly, but the full 250K video views may take a few hours to get delivered.

Do you offer more than 250,000 video views?

Yes, we have one bigger package – > 500,000 Instagram Video Views. Most people won’t need that many views, and we’d only recommend that you go for that package if you have no trouble getting 250,000 views on your own.

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