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Ordered Instagram 500 Followers • Verified Purchase

"Great service, fast and high quality"

Ordered Instagram 500 Followers • Verified Purchase

"Im going to see how much attraction they bring my business. So far its ok, the better the more I will purchase. And as long as I don't loose followers will continuously to bring me back. Thanks"

Ordered Instagram 500 Followers • Verified Purchase

"I’m missing 123 of my orders. Kindly rectify this"

BuySocialMediaMarketing team has replied to this review 2020.06.25

Hello, your order is still in progress. We will make sure to deliver the remaining followers as soon as possible. Regards!

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The Instagram follower count is so important, yet it is so challenging to increase your audience and thus make your business grow. It is worth the effort, but you will need to put plenty of time into it.

Followers aren’t as important nowadays as they used to be, with the Instagram algorithm now favouring user engagement in the form of likes and comments a bit more. However, your follower count can be a big indicator showing your trustworthiness as a blogger and your potential as a business partner.

Well, to help you a little with your growth, we are offering you our 500 Insta Followers package. For a competitive price, it offers a great audience improvement potential for those who are relatively new to the platform and haven’t yet made a huge follower count!

Common questions

Why buy IG followers?

First of all, your follow count does play a role in the Instagram algorithm. The more followers you have, the bigger your reach and thus your growth potential is. Follower count isn’t as important these days as engagement rate, but it still has a noticeable role. Aside from that, anyone willing to sign a contract with you will have a look at your follower count since they will want to know what your reach is. Needless to say, the higher your follower count, the likelier it is that you will land a deal with a business operating in your niche. Plus, people are likelier to trust an IG page with a big follower count than one with very few followers.

How many followers should I buy?

This depends on your goals, as well as on your current follower count. If you have 50k followers, then it wouldn’t really make sense for you to buy 250 or 500 followers. However, you shouldn’t attempt to jump from 5k to 25k since it will look suspicious not only for your followers but also for potential sponsors who may have been watching you for some time. While it’s very easy to increase your follower count by purchasing an IG follower package, you should focus your strategy on gaining followers organically. View purchasing followers as a way for you to stimulate your growth a bit. With that being said, our most-sold package is 500 Followers, so you may start with it if you don’t have many followers.

Do you have any free trials for your follower packages?

No, we do not offer trial packages at the moment. Our prices are extremely competitive though, and our cheaper packages won’t make a hole in your budget. For some perspective, our 50 IG Follower package costs just $2.79, while 250 followers cost $5.99. Also if you going to combine your packages, we are currently running some discount coupons for orders with cart value of $29 or more.

Can I spread followers over several IG accounts?

No, our system is fine-tuned for single-account delivery. If you want to increase your follower count in more than one account, you will have to buy packages for them separately. Fortunately, since our service delivery process is fast, you won’t have any problems even if buying packages for more than one Insta profile.

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