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Ordered Youtube 10,000 Views • Verified Purchase

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Do you ever go through youtube search results pages as a creator yourself and get discouraged by the high view counts of other videos? Are you wondering how other users have managed to start from scratch and gain a steady following? Are you wishing for a way you could bump up your views without having to wait any longer?

Here’s your solution: purchase 10k Youtube views for a one-time fee of 49.99. For this fair price, you get 10k genuine high quality views in just a few hours. Our 10,000 YT views package is sure to give your video the boost it needs to gain more traction in youtube search results pages, where they can be found more accessibly.

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Common questions

Where to buy 10k Youtube views?

You don’t have to look any further. Here at BuySocialMediaMarketing, we provide high quality youtube view packages at affordable prices. For 49.99, you get 10,000 Youtube views, which could take months to gain organically. In essence, you’d be buying time, which is a valuable commodity for any freelance youtuber creator.

Will I get comments and likes with my Youtube views?

Comments and likes do not come with our packages, but you’ll be more likely to receive them once the views start coming in. Other sites will flood your comment section with bot-generated comments that might get your youtube account banned. We provide genuine views that could lead to more likes and comments. Those come afterwards.

Can I purchase the 10k package for multiple videos at once?

Sadly, we can only target one video at a time. So if you choose our 10k youtube views package, only one video of your liking will get the guaranteed 10k views. But since all our packages are priced competitively, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to pick out packages for all the videos you want boosted.

Is it illegal to buy 10000 views on Youtube?

Technically, no, it’s not against the law. But youtube has preventive measures to discourage bought views. That’s because some companies employ view bots that violate their terms of service. We only use legitimate and safe methods to get you high quality high retention views. Our practices are perfectly legal and youtube won’t even be able to detect that you’ve bought views from us.

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