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Video creators have been compensated in cash or website credit for creating a video about their experience with BuySocialMediaMarketing.

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and get a reward of up to $100 in your BuySocialMediaMarketing account's credit.

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Submit a video and get
$25 to $100 discount coupon!


Film a video about your experience with BuySocialMediaMarketing.

We would love to see more videos about BuySocialMediaMarketing. What we're looking for are short (30 to 60 seconds), high-quality VERTICAL FORMAT videos - better quality will give better reward. Examples of what we'll accept:

  • Dedicated Reviews & Opinions
  • Dedicated Tutorials and Guides
  • Sharing of your experience with BuySocialMediaMarketing
  • Got other video ideas? Shoot us an email at: [email protected]

Your video should be published on any video sharing platform and sent to us.


A balance credit of $25 to $100 to be used for BuySocialMediaMarketing's services.

Get bigger reward for:

  • Mentioning your social media username
  • Higher video production quality
  • Bigger following on your social profile

Got it done?

Send us an email to [email protected] with a link to your video, as well with a proof that lets us know you are the original author of the video.

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