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Ordered Youtube 100 Likes • Verified Purchase

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Why buy Youtube Likes?

More likes leads to better rankings in search and suggested videos

Viewers are more likely to watch, comment, and share a video with high like counts

Youtube users will engage more often with content that has many likes

Easy way to fix and improve your your likes-to-dislikes ratio

Common questions

How to get started?

In order to proceed with your order for Youtube likes you simply need to paste the Youtube video link in the order form.

You can purchase this service for your own video or any other public video on Youtube. For example, you can buy Youtube likes as a surprise for a friend’s or family member’s video.

How long does the delivery take?

After the payment is made, it takes up to 12 hours for the likes to start appearing on your Youtube vide.

The delivery speed is 500 to 1000 likes per day, so the time to the complete delivery will depend on the likes package you have chosen.

I haven't received my likes. What should I do?

It takes up to 12 hours for the likes to start appearing on the video.

If you have waited more than 12 hours and you still see no likes coming, please reach out to us through our contact form or email us at [email protected] and we will resolve the issue immediately.

Please don't forget to include your order number and video link.

Can I place multiple orders for the same Youtube video?

Yes you can place many orders for the same video, but not at the same time.

Please make sure that your Youtube likes order is completed before placing another Youtube likes order for the same video.

Why should I buy Youtube likes?

If you want to gain likes on a Youtube video quickly but you don’t want to waste time with marketing then this is the service for exactly for you. You will receive a guaranteed amount of likes for a fixed price. No hassle. Fast and guaranteed results.

Buying Youtube likes from BuySocialMediaMarketing is the cheapest and easiest way to gain engagement on Youtube.

The ordering process is effortless - simply put your video link and proceed to payment.

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