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Enhance your Soundcloud tracks with comments from people who are listening to your music. Simply enter your Soundcloud track link to start getting comments today!


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Ordered SoundCloud 20 Comments • Verified Purchase

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Why buy SoundCloud Comments?

Comments show that you have an active listeners community on Soundcloud

The comments will be appear in different parts of the track's waveform and look completely natural

Every comment is a "hook" on a specific part of your track, leading listeners to check it out

Comments from other users help create a sense of community around your profile

Common questions

What are SoundCloud comments?

The SoundCloud comments service with BuySocialMediaMarketing is a great way to get more comments on your tracks. When you purchase this service, we will post comments on your tracks on SoundCloud.

The comments will appear all over your waveform and make it look super engaging.

This is a great way to get more exposure for your tracks and to get positive feedback from other artists.

How do I order SoundCloud comments?

Firstly, choose the package of comments you wish to get in total, then enter the link of your SoundCloud track. On the next step add additional track links, if you wish. If you add multiple tracks - the comments will be distributed evenly between them.

Then, confirm your order details and proceed to payment with card or crypto currencies.

How long does it take to start delivery?

It usually takes just a few minutes to start your SoundCloud comments order. Please allow up to 30 minutes to start seeing the results!

The delivery duration depends on the amount of comments you wish to receive per track, but generally the orders are completed within 1 to 2 days.

How do I see the comments on my SoundCloud track?

Here's how to view the comments on your SoundCloud tracks: To start, open up the track for which you want to view the comments.

Under the waveform, you'll see the number of likes, reposts, and comments. Click on the "Comments" tab to view the comments for that particular track.

What will the comments say?

The comments will be made by real SoundCloud users, which have real names and profile pictures. These users will write music related positive comments on your track(s).

The comments will be spread across the length of your track and look natural.

You can find an example of how the comments will look like down below:

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