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Ordered Facebook 100 Reactions • Verified Purchase

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Why buy Facebook Reactions?

More reactions leads to more engagement and exposure

Option to choose the amount of every reaction separately

Encourages more people to notice and react to your content

Option to add more links to distribute reactions between multiple posts

Common questions

What is Facebook Reactions service for?

This service works for any kind of post on Facebook, you can buy Facebook reactions (emojis) for text, video, photo, or other types of posts.

We only need your Facebook post link to proceed with the order.

Make sure that the post is set to public and there are no age/country restrictions set for the post or your profile.

How to place order?

To proceed with the delivery of Facebook reactions we only need Facebook post link. You can also add multiple post links, if you like.

Before placing your order please make sure that the post is set to public for ‘Everyone’, and there are no country/age restrictions and the like button is enabled.

You can find out how to do it here -

What are Facebook Reactions?

Facebook reactions is a way to react to a Facebook post in a different way than to 'Like' it.

Hovering on the 'Like' button shows an option to choose a way to react, such as Love, Wow, Care, Angry & Sad.

You can buy these reactions form BuySocialMediaMarketing if you want to receive different emojis reactions on your Facebook post.

Can I choose which Reaction Emojis I want to get?

Yes, you have complete control over which reaction emojis you will be receiving.

You may add/remove each type of emoji and select exactly how many of every emoji reaction you wish to receive for your posts.

Simply click on the emoji you wish to get and select the desired amount or click the ‘remove’ button if you don’t want to get that type of reactions.

Can I add multiple posts URLs?

Yes, you can add multiple links of your Facebook posts. The selected reactions will be distributed evenly between the provided posts.

To add additional post links, simply click the button 'add more links' which appears after you have entered the first link.

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