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rosangeles f
Ordered Facebook 500 Page Fans • Verified Purchase

"Gracias por toda su ayuda! excelente"

Mark B
Ordered Facebook 100 Page Fans • Verified Purchase

"Thanks for the likes and it’s cheap"

Kathryn F
Ordered Facebook 100 Page Fans • Verified Purchase

"Love love, has helped me tremendously"

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Why buy Facebook Page Likes?

Page likes increase visibility and make your page more discoverable

Viewers think your Page is credible and trustworthy, leading to more exposure

Helps you grow your page organically by attracting more attention

Increase opportunities for engagement and conversions

Common questions

What exactly Facebook Fans service is for?

If you run a brand, business, community or a public figure Facebook page this service is exactly for you!

We can help your Facebook page reach more people quickly and effortlessly. Once you place an order with us lots of new people will start liking and following your Facebook page.

We only need your Facebook page link to start the delivery!

When will I receive Facebook Page Likes?

It will only take several hours for your order of Facebook Page Likes to start coming. Most of the time orders are delivered within just one day.

The process is very quick compared to other types of promotional campaigns which can take weeks or even months to achieve similar results.

Can I purchase Fans for my personal Facebook profile?

No. Facebook Page Fans service is only for brand, business, community or a public figure Facebook page.

But if you would like to increase followers on your personal Facebook profile we have a Facebook Followers service just for you!

What is the difference between liking and following a Facebook page?

When someone likes your Facebook page it doesn't means that your page posts will appear on the person's news feed, but when someone follows your page you can be sure that your page posts can appear on the news feed of the user who is following the page. 

When buying Facebook Fans from BuySocialMediaMakreting you can be sure that your new fans will like and follow the page!

What information do you need from me to start the process?

All we need to proceed with the Facebook Fans promotional campaign is your Facebook page link which looks like this

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