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Ordered Facebook 500 Video Views • Verified Purchase

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Ordered Facebook 500 Video Views • Verified Purchase

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Why buy Facebook Views?

More views directly lead to more organic reach and engagement

Helps improve your video ranking in the algorithm

Encourages more people to watch videos until the end

Helps build presence and social proof to new followers

Common questions

What exactly Facebook Video Views service is for?

You can apply video views campaign to any Facebook video, but make sure that this video is set to public and available to everyone before placing the order.

To make sure it's set to public, click on the 'three dots' in your post, then 'Edit audience' and select 'Public'.

How to get Facebook Video link?

To get Facebook Video link using browser, just open the video and right click anywhere on the video, then click 'Show video URL' and copy the shown URL. 

If you are using Facebook app just click 'Share' button which can be found below the video and then click 'Copy Link' in the appeared window.

Can you spread the Views between my Facebook Videos?

Yes. You can add multiple Facebook video links for the same order. To add additional links simply click the 'Add more links' button which appears in the order form after entering the first link.

You can add as many URLs as you wish as long as each video receives at least 1,000 views. If you are not allowed to add more URLs, please click [+] to increase the views amount and you will be able to add additional URLs.

Can I purchase Views for any Video on Facebook?

Yes! You can buy Facebook video views for any Facebook video, but you have to make sure that this video is public and available to everyone (not restricted by any age or country).

Please note that it must be Facebook video, not a video shared from other platform (e.g Youtube).

How long does it take to start the delivery process?

Delivery for Facebook Video Views usually starts within an hour, but it can take up to 24 hours in some cases.

If your views haven’t started increasing after one day, please check if your video is set to public and visible to everyone. If

If you are having trouble with delivery please reach out via email our contact form.

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