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Get up to 50% comission for all orders!*

Start earning money from BuySocialMediaMarketing's affiliate program. Submit the application and get your unique referral link.

Share your referral link on your website, blog or wherever you wish and get paid for each sale you deliver.

*excluding fees and taxes

How does it work?

Apply for an affiliate account and receive a unique link. Share it with your audience and earn commission when they buy our services through your link. Choose from multiple payout options and enjoy high commission rates based on your rolling 30-day revenue.

Plus, we make it simple to track your earnings and performance with our intuitive affiliate dashboard. Join our affiliate program today and start earning with BuySocialMediaMarketing!

Transparent clients tracking


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Ready to earn commission by promoting BuySocialMediaMarketing? Sign up and apply for our affiliate program, get approved, and access your dashboard.


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With your unique affiliate link in hand, you're ready to start promoting and earning commissions. Share it with your audience and watch the rewards roll in!


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Track your earnings in the dashboard and continue to share your unique affiliate link to increase your commission. Join our affiliate program now.

  • 3 Months Cookie-life

    When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, a 3-month cookie life begins. During this period, any purchases they make will earn you a commission. And if they sign up during this time, your account will be connected to theirs for a lifetime of potential earnings.

  • Easy payouts

    Withdrawals are available once your approved payments exceed $200. Payouts are made within 2 business days, payout options include cryptocurrencies, account's balance and bank wire. Reach out for alternative options.

  • 60-days orders approval

    Orders made through your affiliate link will go through a 60-day approval process. This period is set to handle any disputes/refunds or fraudulent charges. Once the order is approved it will appear in your affiliate account's approved balance section. Comissions are not paid for declined orders.


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Common questions

How does the affiliate program work?

You can earn money with BuySocialMediaMarketing by sharing your unique affiliate link online. You will get a unique tag that you can place on any page of BuySocialMediaMarketing. If someone visits BuySocialMediaMarketing through a link that has your affiliate tag and purchases a service from us - you will earn a commission.

How do I apply for affiliate account?

To apply for affiliate program on BuySocialMediaMarketing you have to submit an application for affiliate account. You will need to provide information about your traffic sources, targeted audience and services you plan to promote. You can apply by signing up for a regular account and visiting affiliate application.

What is your commission rate?

We offer very high commission rates for our affiliate program users. Your commission rate will depend on your 30-day rolling affiliate revenue, which means that we will check the sales that you have generated in the last 30 days to calculate your commission percentage.

Our commission tiers are:
Tier 1 — 30%* commission | Base-line commission rate
Tier 2 — 40%* commission | Rolling 30-day revenue $1,000+
Tier 3 — 50%* commission | Rolling 30-day revenue $5,000+

*After fees & taxes (35% will be deducted from the order value for fees and taxes before calculating the commission)
Commission calculation example for Tier 1 (30%).
Order value $49.99
- fees and taxes ( $17.49)
- commission = ($49.99 - $17.49) * 30% = $9.74

You will be upgraded to a new tier immediately once your rolling 30-day revenue reaches the required amount.

If your rolling 30-day revenue drops below the amount required for your current tier, you won't be downgraded immediately. We review the applications for downgrading once per week. If your account doesn't match the revenue requirements set for the tier at the time of reviewing - it will be downgraded.

What are the payout options?

Payout options include cryptocurrencies, bank wire (€ only) and balance credit to use for services on BuySocialMediaMarketing. Reach out for alternative options.

Withdrawals are available once your approved earnings reach $200. No minimum limit for withdrawals to balance credit.

Payouts with bank wire/crypto are made within 2 business days and withdrawals to balance credit are instant.

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