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Common Questions and Answers

Is buying views for my Youtube video safe?

If you buy your views from us, we can assure you of a 100% risk-free experience. We are confident of the safety of our view delivery system because we generate real views for your video.

We don’t use bots or other shady marketing techniques. Instead, we’ve fine-tuned our video marketing methods as early as 2014 so you can rest assured that your views won’t jeopardize your Youtube account.

How soon can your service start delivering views for my video?

In most cases, we start delivering views within hours of your order placement.

Occasionally, it may take us a bit longer to start delivery. Our delivery start times don’t usually go past 24 hours after receipt of payment.

Can I order views for a video even if that video is running Youtube Adsense Ads?

To avoid any possible negative impact on your personal Adsense account, we strongly suggest you disable Youtube ads on your channel while your view boosting campaign is in progress.

Our clients use our service to increase their videos’ ability to attract their target audience. Once our clients have more eyeballs, they turn their channel’s Adsense ads back on.

What information do I need to give you so you can start sending views?

The only information we’ll need from you to get your views started is the direct link of the Youtube video you want boosted.

Once you input your videos link in our order form, our software will quickly list out your video’s statistics likes comments, likes, and current views. You’ll also see the thumbnail of your video. Double check this info to make sure you’re ordering views for the right video.

Can I split up my ordered views among a number of my Youtube videos?

Unfortunately, no. Our service operates on a strict “one boost one video” basis. Since we offer one of the cheapest rates for Youtube video views on the Internet, you can buy individual boosts for many videos without burning a hole through your pocket!

Can Youtube Tell if you buy views?

Youtube uses duplicate IP detection, bot farm click and view patterns, and IP black lists among other techniques to detect bought views.

The views you buy from BuySocialMediaMarketing are immune from Youtube’s screening because we use legit video marketing techniques to drive real people to your videos.

If I just buy your video views service, will this also increase the number of my video’s comments and likes?

It might, but we can’t guarantee your video’s engagement levels will increase since we can’t control how your audience will react to your video. To make your video’s stats look as ‘natural’ as possible, we suggest you buy engagement services in addition to video views.

Diversify your engagement signals by buying comments and likes in addition to boosting the number of your channel’s subscribers. Your video’s engagement numbers can then draw in more organic viewers who can then increase your video’s view, likes, and comments stats.

Do I need to give you the login information for my Youtube channel to start receiving video views?

No. We never request sensitive account information from customers. Unlike untrustworthy, scam companies who ask for your login information so they can run Youtube view bots tied to your account, our system doesn’t require your account info and won’t put your account at risk of suspension or banning.

You definitely don’t run the risk of getting your account hijacked with our service. We just need you to send us the direct url of the video you want views for and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I get a free YT View boost trial?

Sadly, we don’t offer free trials. The good news is our rates are so low that running a trial boost to test out our services won’t set you back much.

Our rates start at $5.99 per 1000 video views. You can even get our other Youtube engagement services for as low as $2.99. Visit our services page for Youtube to check them out.

Is it illegal to buy views on YouTube?

Buying views for your Youtube video is not against the law. With that said, please understand there’s a big difference between what is against the law and what is against Youtube’s TOS or Terms of Service.

Getting views using deceptive practices like bots definitely break the TOS and can lead to your account being suspended. Buy views only from legit providers like BuySocialMediaMarketing so you don’t have to worry about Youtube’s TOS.

Where do these Youtube views come from?

We provide Youtube views from worldwide users. Most of the viewers will come from various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and other top websites like Reddit or Quora.

Will anyone know that I have purchased Youtube Views?

Your privacy is our top priority and as a trustworthy company we ensure that no one will ever know that you have purchased Youtube views (or any other of our services) unless you tell them yourself.

What is the best site to buy YouTube views?

BuySocialMediaMarketing is the cheapest fast source of legit 100% human youtube video views on the Internet. Many well-known Youtubers got that much needed initial push for their successful channels through paid views.

Buying video viewers on the cheap gives you the social proof head start you need for your channel to attract more organic views. You won’t get cheap popunders, redirected traffic, spoofed clicks, or other shady views.

Where can I purchase Youtube views?

If you want to figure out where to buy cheap real views, BuySocialMediaMarketing.Com is your best bet. We don’t use bots or other shady tactics. You pay for the best high retention, high quality legit Youtube video views.

You can also place an order for a million views (4 x 250k) or as little as 1000 views. If you are looking for the best video view boosting service, we’re the cheapest fully legit site. Place your order today and see why we get review after review praising our quality.

How does Youtube process video views?

Youtube’s display of how many views a video gets is calculated using a secret formula. We suspect Youtube uses at least two methods to prevent view inflation. Youtube doesn’t count views that last for a few seconds.

Youtube seems to record views only after the viewer has watched a certain percentage of the video. Youtube also tracks the IP address of views and counts views from such a source only one every 8 hours or so.

How many videos views should I get on Youtube for me to start making money?

Your videos only make money if your audience engages with your videos’ ads. Your audience can engage with your video by watching video ads for more than half a minute or clicking ads.

Payouts depend on how many ads were viewed for at least 30 seconds or, in some cases, 10 seconds. You also get paid based on clicks whose value depends on the niche of your videos and the keywords being targeted by the advertiser.

How to boost youtube views naturally?

Make the video you want to boost your channel’s featured video so it will be seen first when people check out your channel.

Pick a high contrast green or light blue color thumbnail for your video along with a very attractive image. This makes your video stand out in a listing. Copy the title and description writing style of your top competitors or places like Upworthy. Use SEO keywords most relevant to your video/niche in your tags, title, and description.

Can I order several different orders boosting the same single Youtube video?

Absolutely! You can order boosting services as many times as you want. This also includes our biggest package: 250,000 views. Please keep in mind that the more views you order, the longer it will take to deliver the whole package.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t order a view package for a video while you have an existing order for that video in progress. Please wait until the current view boosting campaign is over before ordering another batch.

How to buy real Youtube views?

Place your order with a legit video marketing company. This type of company actually uses valid marketing tactics like site promotions, list marketing, and others to drive 100% real human visitors to your Youtube videos. These companies don’t use cheap tactics like misleading links or fake descriptions to trick people to click on your video.

At BuySocialMediaMarketing we don’t trick people into viewing your videos. Best of all, we’re able to deliver millions of legitimate Youtube views with no problems.

Would I really get high quality Youtube views?

High quality views are defined as video views made by 100% real people from the USA and elsewhere with a decent chance of engaging with your content.

Since BuySocialMediaMarketing doesn’t use a bot network, pop unders, or deceptive practices to trick people into viewing your video, the views you get will involve real people and this can lead to higher engagement levels. Order from BuySocialMediaMarketing.Com for the cheapest legit high quality views.

How to buy Youtube Views?

It's easy in 3 simple steps!

choose youtube views package

Choose a package

enter order details for youtube views package

Enter order details

checkout using credit card or cryptocurrencies as bitcoin

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Why buy Youtube Views?

If you are having hard times to get noticed on Youtube this service can help a lot. Our Youtube Views service is known as high quality, safe and reliable service for hundreds of our customers. They have increased their visibility of their Youtube videos without spending any additional investments. The main benefit of this service is that it will RANK your Youtube Video in Youtube serach results! The reason why this service is so beneficial is the quality of the service and it is top notch! The Views we provide are high retention youtube views, that means that your video is watched for a longer period. That is the secret why using it your Youtube video will get ranked in search results fast.

Here are just a few benefits of buying YouTube views:

  • Your social credibility is enhanced and strengthened on YT
  • Helps your video kick start with a few thousands views from day one
  • Higher the number of views, more viewers are motivated to watch it
  • Your video will likely be ranked higher on Youtube search results
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How to get views on Youtube fast

First, create an attention-grabbing video that keeps viewers engaged. Use a high contrast color thumbnail for it. Reverse engineer upworthy and other viral video sites to get viewers to click on your video’s title. Tag your video with highly searched keywords in your niche. Use these keywords in your description along with strong calls to action.

Next, buy video views to provide social proof for viewers. Most people won’t waste time on videos nobody else is watching. Buying views makes your would be viewers more likely to invest time watching your stuff. If your content provides solid value, expect to get a lot more organic views fast as Youtube recommends your video to viewers looking for your target niche.

youtube video views marketing with buysocialmediamarketing

Increase Youtube Views easily!

YouTube is one of the top online marketing platform available for free these days. This site is a powerful marketing tool to sell and promote any brand name or product using creative methods. Utilize this powerful tool as an approach to reach new audiences and interface with the rest of the world. YouTube can open numerous door for those who seek for it.

From our expert experience, Buying YouTube views make the whole procedure of marketing a video simpler and quicker. Rather than beginning from zero views, you can begin from a couple of thousand and reach the top a lot easier. Also, a big amount of views make you look more trustworthy so people are more prone to consider you seriously, watch your videos and even buy from your organization or business. Looking more reputable will make advertising campaigns more efficient.

Of course, it is not enough to just buy a YouTube views package and sit back and do nothing. A good content and also high quality of the video are generally a necessity. Your job is to make the viewers feel some emotion or purpose for the video.

When you have content, additional promotion help and the YouTube views jumpstart then you're prepared to become a web sensation and Go Viral!

buysocialmediamarketing youtube views

Why should I buy views from is one of the fastest and cheapest sources of 100% real human viewers for youtube videos. We don’t use cheap tricks like popunders, link redirection, or clickbait. We also don’t use bot networks or fake or simulated software-based views.

Instead, we use tried and proven video marketing techniques to drive real human traffic to your video very quickly. We never trick or deceive people to click your video’s link. This is why our video views are high retention high quality views. Say good-bye to 2 second video views. Most of our traffic click and stay to watch your video!


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