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pescador a
Ordered Youtube Free 100 Views • Verified Purchase

"nunca lo pensara pero esto funciona, en un futuro sera muy eficiente para empresas pequeñas que quieran emprender en marketing,"

@Luv Drip 22
Ordered Youtube Free 100 Views • Verified Purchase

"its a very good boost for view"

Ordered Youtube Free 100 Views • Verified Purchase

"great, fast excellent service!"

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Why buy Youtube Views?

More views leads to better rankings in search and suggested videos

Helps give a boost to new or struggling channels

Can lead to more organic engagement like comments and likes

Viewers are more likely to watch a video with higher view counts

Common questions

How to get started?

In order to purchase views for a Youtube video we only need the video link. To get the link of the video simply open the video, click ‘Share’ button and then click ‘Copy’.

Paste the URL into the order form, select the number of views you wish to get, proceed to payment and the views will start coming in just a few hours!

What is Youtube Views service for?

You should use this service if you wish to increase the number of views on a Youtube video. You can purchase the views for any publicly listed Youtube video, even if it’s not yours.

When you purchase this service the video will be watched a number of times you selected in the order form and the views count on the video will update accordingly.

This process takes from one to a few days depending on the package ordered.

How long does the delivery take?

The duration of the delivery depends on the amount of views ordered. We will start your order immediately after the payment is completed.

It usually takes up to 12 hours for the views to start appearing on the video. The speed of delivery is around 10,000 views per day.

Are your views high retention?

Our views retention is usually around 30 seconds to 1 minute, which is high retention, compared to the views from our competitors, that are usually just a few seconds each.

Please note that the views retention may vary depending on the content of your video.

If you are looking for longer retention views to get more watch time for your videos and your channel, please try our Youtube watch time service, which offers views with an average of 15 minutes retention!

Can I purchase views for my friend's video?

Yes, as we only require a Youtube video link you can purchase the views for any video on Youtube.

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