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• 11 June 2016

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

We have been working on this update for past 3 months. You might think what took us so long, because site does not look a lot different at first sight. We have kept the same design, but we have completely changed our site’s source code and linking structure, it is now dynamic, much faster and more secure.
Also these are not the only changes we have made, another huge update is automatic social media links and start counts confirmations for most of the services we provide. Moreover, this update will also increase the delivery speed of our services, because we will not need to check the data manually.

buysocialmediamarketing increased security with ssl certificate

So, what exactly have been updated?

  • BuySocialMediaMarketing is now secured with SSL Certificate – Our site visitors are now protected by an SSL encrypted session which means that all data you submit will be secured by this certificate.

BuySocialMediaMarketing order confirmation and current count features

  • Automatic links & start counts confirmation – When you type in your social media link you will receive a confirmation with your profile or post details and current followers/likes/views count. These details will also be sent to your email immediately. You will be able to track your orders a lot easier, because you will have all order details in your email inbox. We are still working on some of the services to apply this update for them too.

BuySocialMediaMarketing automated orders for faster delivery speed

  • Faster delivery start & more services with Instant Delivery! – We have completely automated order processing for our services and from now on almost all our services will be started automatically without any delay.
    We are proud to announce that Instagram Followers service now has an “Instant Delivery” badge as well as all other Instagram Services!


  • New Premium service available:
    BuySocialMediaMarketing offering new service - real facebook commentsReal & Natural Facebook Comments: this service is essential for everyone who wants to increase their engagement on facebook, we will comment on your facebook post or photo from real accounts, all comments will be natural and will be made at different time to look absolutely natural.

BuySocialMediaMarketing offers tweet selection feature for more comfortable ordering

  • New way to select your tweets for Twitter Retweets and Twitter Favorites services! – This update is awesome for everyone who is looking to increase twitter retweets and favorites on their tweets. It is a pain when you have to copy a large amount of tweets one by one and those days are over! Now you just need to enter your twitter username and select the tweets you wish. Simple as that.



Unfortunately we have some bad news too! 🙁

The way we accept Instagram services orders details has changed – Unfortunately we no longer can let you select from your recent instagram posts when you enter your Instagram username. We do understand that it is way much comfortable than pasting your posts links one by one. We would love to keep offering this solution, but Instagram made a platform update on June 1, 2016 and stopped granting access to Instagram accounts posts.

More updates to come! We are already working on something awesome ! 🙂

We believe that our customers loved Instagram pictures and videos selection feature as much as we did, so we have decided to take another route and make it possible to select from your recent Instagram posts again. We are already working on setting this up. The new feature will be much more advanced – no bugs, better and more comfortable design, wider selection range & more!

New Service Custom Instagram Comments with Instant Delivery: COMING SOON!

We have received a lot of request to add this service it is just around a corner ! We will be releasing this service in near future. How will it work? You will be able add your own list of comments and we will send them to your Instagram post from our Instagram accounts.

More great news! Youtube Views discounts are coming in!

To celebrate this update we are offering a flat 25% OFF discount for all Youtube Views packages! This is limited time offer.


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