10 Amazing Instagram post Ideas to Get more Likes

• 27 August 2019

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Whether it’s for a business, or for influencing, or simply for personal satisfaction, likes on Instagram can be invaluable for us. However, getting likes on what you post on Instagram isn’t as simple as just taking photos, posting it, and hoping for the best. If your goal is to post pictures that really get the likes flooding in, you have to have a plan.

instagram posts ideas

First thing’s first. In today’s social media world, people respond best to pictures that catch their already flooded attention. And you can increase your chances of getting likes by knowing what kind of content people like the most.

Here are examples of Instagram posts that have the most likeability.

  1. Inspiring Quotes with Feel Good Pictures – Most if not all people on social media are emotionally tugged by inspirational quotes. A properly made picture with a relevant quote can induce feelings of warmth and fuzziness, and may even be a trigger for them to jumpstart their day, or turn their life around.
  2. Advice and Tutorial Posts – A useful practical post will always get responses, especially if the advice or tutorial you’ll share is relevant to the viewer’s life. Simple instructional videos, or picture how-to guides, are always a guaranteed like source, as long as the advice or tutorial actually works.
  3. Food Pics – Everyone loves food pics, especially ones that make the mouth water and really trigger an appetite. So much so, that professional food photographers who only used to work in the ad industry, are now making a killing on Instagram. Practicing good angled shots, proper lighting, and of course, having the perfect mouth watering dish, is the proverbial recipe for success when it comes to getting likes.
  4. Pet and Animal Pics – Have a cute pet romping around your house? Or are you an explorer who loves nature’s wild animals? Then you have a potential gold mine for Instagram likes. Animal pics, especially cute, furry, lovable animal pics, always generate a buzz on Instagram, and a single photo or video can launch you and your pet to Instagram viral sensation status.
  5. Nature and Landscapes – There’s a reason why travel posts are always a hit on Instagram. That’s because it brings people who are normally going about their daily routine, out on adventures to see the world. A well shot scenic landscape or nature post, with vivid and detailed descriptions of the location, the environment, and so on, is an escape from the day-to-day and is sure to garner likes. Best part is, you don’t even need to travel the world to do this! You just need to be creative with your photos and captions.
  6. Behind-The-Scenes – Many people are interested in how things work, and taking it one step further, like the feeling of being “in the know” about them, which is why behind-the-scenes posts are also popular. And you don’t need to be a Hollywood superstar to post something like this! Have an event that you’re preparing for, like a wedding or a party? Or looking to get ready for a job interview or an activity you’re excited about? With the right picture and an intriguing caption, you can draw the attention of your followers and the public and get the likes coming!
  7. Historical/Old Photos – From exploring old ruins in some remote part of the world, to sharing old memories of grandparents’ time, to posting funny baby pics from the past, historical or old photo posts can get a good chunk of likes on Instagram, especially when coupled by a caption that is very timely or relevant at the moment. For example, posting a wedding picture of grandma and grandpa on your own wedding anniversary Instagram post.
  8. Action Posts – Sharing the thrills of an action packed event or activity, like your first bungee jumping experience, or a marathon run, or even regular fitness activities like Yoga or Zumba, is another great way of getting likes on Instagram. They become even more effective if they are videos, and not just photos, and even more exciting if done with something like a Go-Pro camera or a drone! Add some heart-pumping background music, a motivational caption, and voila! Watch the likes pour in.
  9. Trends and Challenges – One surefire way of getting likes on Instagram is by making posts that ride the current wave of trends and online challenges that are always present online. There’s a new mobile game out there that’s taking the world by storm? Try it out and post about it! A new challenge is up for awareness or for fun? Give it a go, record it, and post it! Just be careful what kind of trends you take part in, so that they’re the ones that your audience can see you naturally doing, and of course, not offensive in any way. But once you’ve covered your bases, video and photo content like this can definitely catch people’s attention!
  10. Selfies – And of course, to top off our list, your own selfies can get a lot of likes on their own. Now when we say selfies, it’s not just snapping a random picture when you’re bored, posting it, and that’s it. Making your selfies interesting, combining it with the other types of content in this list, can not only garner likes, but also make your own identity shine in the public eye.

Aside from these suggestions, you can improve your likes even more by following these simple tips to improve your posts!

  1. Tint your pictures to be lighter and if possible, bluer.
  2. Lower the saturation of your videos and pictures.
  3. Try to post with one dominant color popping out.
  4. Check your grammar, make your posts short but straight to the point, and always invite them to respond by asking a question or for their own take on what you posted.
  5. Post when your audience is very active, and make the relevance of your post timely.
  6. Try free 50 Instagram Likes trial from our partners – SocialShaft.
  7. And last but not least, have fun! Your energy will show in your posts!

Now go out there and start getting those likes!

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