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Looking to increase your presence on Instagram and grow a successful business?

Growing your follower count is one of the ways of doing so.

Followers won’t make you successful overnight, but they can indeed add value to your Instagram profile.

With that being said, it’s not that easy to gain followers on Instagram. And while you should work hard to attract organic IG traffic to your profile, there are other ways for you to increase your follower count with.

One of them is to buy Instagram followers! Fortunately, at BuySocialMediaMarketing, you can do so in mere minutes without headaches, as well as without worrying for your privacy and the service quality!

Common questions

What is the best site to buy 300 Followers on Instagram?

There are many places you could buy IG followers from, but we think that you can rest assured that BuySocialMediaMarketing will satisfy your needs. Among the key features of our service are: • Near-instant delivery. • 60-day guarantee on the purchased follower count. • Protection of your private information. With years of experience behind our back, we know how to make our customers satisfied, as well as to ensure the safety of their private information. Not only that, but you aren’t facing any risks when dealing with our services.

Will the purchased followers stick around?

We are backing up all of our packages with a 60-day guarantee. We guarantee that followers delivered to your profile will stay for at least 60 days. In fact, in case bought followers unfollow you, we will make sure to send a corresponding number of followers to your account. After 60 days, it will be up to the bought followers whether to stay with you or not.

What info do you need from me to start the delivery?

We only need your IG username to start the delivery of the 300 followers. No other information like your email or password is required. A thing to keep in mind with our service is that your Insta profile will need to be set to public. We do not deliver followers to private accounts since our customers would have to manually accept all of the follow requests. But after the followers are delivered, you are free to set your profile to private.

What is more important – comments, likes, or followers?

Given that Instagram highly values user engagement nowadays, we’d say that comments, likes, and views are more important than followers. Followers sure will increase your follower count, but they won’t necessarily engage with your content. As a result, if you have a thousand followers and very little engagement, your posts are unlikely to get pushed by Instagram to other people’s feeds. While followers are also important since they can demonstrate your audience reach to potential sponsors, you should pay more attention to user engagement since it’s the staple of IG at the moment. Fortunately, we have packages aimed specifically at things like video views, comments, and likes, so you may want to have a look at them as well.

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