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Common questions

What do you need from me to proceed?

Your Instagram username is needed to proceed with the 20 free likes order.

Your password is not required at any point in time. Our goal is to make the process easy and safe! Select the post you want likes on, and we’ll deliver them in minutes!

Is it really free?

Using a free trial to get Instagram likes with BuySocialMediaMarketing is really free.

You don’t need to complete any surveys for anything or provide your credit card information.

Just sign up with your email and enter your Instagram username, then select the post you want, and we’ll deliver 20 free Instagram likes to your account within minutes.

How quickly will the free likes arrive?

Your 20 free Instagram likes delivery will start within 30 minutes, and in some cases, you may even begin receiving Instagram likes within 5 minutes! How’s that for speed?

Can I get the free trial multiple times?

No, unfortunately. Only one free trial per email, per account of any kind. Trust us; you’ll get enough value with your free trial. You’ll only need one use to convince yourself it’s worth it!

Is it safe to get free likes on Instagram?

Absolutely! We offer a safe and secure process to get free likes on Instagram from our website. You can try our service for free with no risk or obligation.

Sign up for an account, submit your username and select the post you want to receive the likes on.

Our system will then deliver the likes to your account within minutes.

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