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Looking for ways to further increase your success as a SoundCloud artist?

Our 100,000 SoundCloud Plays may be just right for you.

Made with more established SC musicians in mind, this package allows you to quickly and hassle-free improve your rankings on the platform, especially if you combine it with our Likes, Comments, Reposts, or Followers packages.

But most importantly, it takes only a few clicks from you to order this package and start seeing results! Our delivery process starts nearly immediately, and while it will take some time for 100,000 plays to be fully delivered, you will see your play count increase within minutes of the order confirmation!

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Common questions

Why buy 100,000 SoundCloud plays from you?

At BuySocialMediaMarketing, we value 3 things: • Your time. We ensure that it takes a few minutes and only a couple of clicks for you to start seeing results. • Your money. All our packages are cost-efficient and offer competitive prices. And if we fail to deliver, we will issue a full refund. • Your privacy. We only require the desired track’s URL to start the delivery, and we don’t share any info with third parties.

Can I split the 100,000 plays between several SC tracks?

No, we don’t offer such an option at the moment. You can, however, purchase a few smaller SC Plays packages, one for each of the desired tracks. The competitive prices of our packages should ensure that you aren’t making a huge hole in your budget.

Can I buy this package more than once?

Yes, you may buy this and any of our other packages as many times as you want, even if it is for the same track. With that being said, do not buy a new package for a track while a previous order for the same track hasn’t yet been completed. You may buy new packages for other tracks, but not for the same track while another order is in process.

Should I also buy some Likes, Comments, etc. to keep things natural?

You can do so, and not just to keep things natural but also to boost your SoundCloud rankings. SoundCloud’s search engine takes into account variables such as plays, followers, comments, or likes when ranking tracks and artists. Thus, it’s a good idea to throw in

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