How to see how many views my facebook video has?

• 12 August 2019

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

So you’ve been diving into Facebook video scene. You know you have potential to accomplish great things on this global site. But you’re curious about a couple things. How many views are your videos getting? And how can you see your followers?

We’re going to help you answer those questions. We’ve split this article into 3 sections.

  1. What is a view?
  2. Seeing the amount of Facebook Video views
  3. How to see the amount of followers you have

Ready to learn about the number of views and followers your videos have? Let’s get started!

What is a View?

A view just means that a Facebook user has visited your video, right? Well… not necessarily. A view is only counted on a Facebook video if it lasts at least 3 seconds. So what happens if your video is only viewed for 2 seconds? If that’s the case, then this WILL NOT count as a view.

How does this compare to other video platforms? Well, for example, Youtube counts a view after a user has been on the video for 30 seconds. This is quite a bit longer than Facebook’s 3-second rule. So you can potentially rack up views faster on a Facebook video than you can on the all-famous Youtube. Instagram and Twitter also use the 3-second rule.

Seeing the Amount of Facebook Video Views

You’re now fully-equipped with the knowledge of what a Facebook video view truly is. So how can you see the amount of views that your video has? You’ll find this information through Facebook Video Metrics. You can do this in 2 different ways.

  • A general overview of your Facebook videos & your top videos

This is your chance to see how your videos are performing overall. What’s included in this information? Well, on top of finding out the amount of views your videos are getting, you’ll also get a plethora of other good information.

Just look for the “Insights” tab at the top of your Facebook page. On the left side of your screen, look for the tab that says “Videos.” Below is a sample of what you would be seeing.

You’ll notice that this page give you your total amount of “Video Views” overall. This is perfect if you’re just looking for that general number. But what if you’re looking for information on a specific video? Can you find out how many views a single video has received? Absolutely. Let us explain.

  • Individual video information

Looking for the specifics on a particular video? Not a problem. Facebook’s Video Metrics will allow you to see the performance and views of any single video that you have. You will still be under the “Insights” tab up top. But now, on the left side of your screen, you will be under the “Posts” tab. We’ve given you a sample of what you’ll be seeing below.

As you see above, you have individual posts to choose from. You may notice that there are different “Types” of posts in this section. You’ll be able to easily spot a video with the video camera icon. In the example above, it is the 4th post that has the video camera icon. Below is what you can expect to see once clicking on an individual video.

You’ll notice that you can find all sorts of information about the video’s views!

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