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Ordered Instagram 10,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

"I love this service. Great stuff."

Jerry C
Ordered Instagram 10,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

"Unbelievable website. 7% please!"

Ordered Instagram 10,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

"This is a golden service all around the board."

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Video views on Instagram are a direct metric of popularity and engagement. If you have a lot of video views, it’s more likely that your post will show up on other people’s feeds.

With that being said, we offer you to take a look at our 10,000 IG views package. If you are looking to purchase Insta views for video cheap and fast, then look no further than BuySocialMediaMarketing!

Whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned Instagrammer, this package can do wonders. However, it is going to be especially effective if you mix them with organic views, likes, or comments, or maybe even buy our like and comment packages!

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Common questions

Is 10,000 a decent number of Instagram video views?

Depends on your needs and budget. 10,000 isn’t the biggest number of views offered by our packages, but it’s a decent size. One thing to keep in mind is that just video views may be unable to push your video to other people’s feeds. Engagement rate – the key metric in the Instagram algorithm – also takes into account likes and comments, so for the best effect, you need to get a proportionate number of likes and comments as well.

Are these 10K views going to convert?

Our service isn’t aimed at conversions – it is aimed at delivering video views to the selected posts fast to help you with increasing its engagement rate. Ultimately, this may help your post reach more people on the platform. When it comes to conversions, the best type of traffic is organic traffic. Even if you buy ads on Instagram, the people you will reach aren’t going to be nearly as likely to convert. So if you want conversions, work on organic traffic.

What info do you need to start the delivery?

We only need your username and that your profile be temporarily set to public so that our system can deliver the video views. Private profiles restrict their posts only to followers, so we can’t deliver our packages to them.

Are your 10,000 IG video views real?

Video views count only when your post is viewed in the Instagram app, so those viewing your videos are just other Instagram users. This also means that your post isn’t going to end up on some shady website for view grinding.

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