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Joker A
Ordered Instagram 5,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

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Ordered Instagram 5,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

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Ordered Instagram 5,000 Video Views • Verified Purchase

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Looking to buy 5K IG views cheap and fast? Then BuySocialMediaMarketing may be the best place for you to do so.

Our 5,000 Video Views package is an excellent option for Instagram users who already have a decently sized audience but are still struggling to quickly gain video views. Our system is fine-tuned to deliver large numbers of views very quickly, and in most cases, it takes only minutes for the order to be completed.

And perhaps most importantly for you, our packages are cost-efficient, which will certainly make your pocket happy.

If you are also worried about privacy, then have no concerns – we do not require anything more than your username from you, and we also won’t share any of your info with third parties. If in doubt, then our services’ reviews are a clear testimony to the quality of our packages!

Common questions

How should I use the 5,000 Instagram video views?

You have two options – you may apply all the views to just one video, or you may spread them out between several videos. Which option to go for depends on your needs. If you want to push just one video, then it will make more sense to apply all or most of the views to it. Otherwise, if you want to promote several videos, you may apply the package to up to 50 videos (with at least 100 views for each). Keep in mind that mere views may not be enough to make your video appear on the feeds of others – you may need to buy a proportional number of likes and comments for that.

5,000 views is a lot, will I also get likes and comments with the views?

We cannot guarantee any engagement other than video views with our 5,000 IG Video Views package. You will 100% get all the video views on the chosen videos, but followers, likes, or comments may not come along with them. This doesn’t mean that it can’t happen though. It’s just up to the users that will be sent to view your videos. To purchase guaranteed Instagram Likes, Comments & Followers click here.

Why buy IG video views from BuySocialMediaMarketing?

First of all, buying Instagram views is the quickest way of getting eyes on your video. Just a couple of clicks and a few minutes are all it takes from you. Aside from that, BuySocialMediaMarketing offers various benefits for buyers: • We only need your username to start the delivery process. • The delivery takes minutes in most cases. • Our packages are cost-efficient. • None of your data will be shared with third parties.

Does my Insta account need to be set to public?

Yes, otherwise, we will not be able to send views to you. In private profiles, posts are only visible to followers, which makes it impossible for our system to deliver video views. If you have a private profile and want to buy views, then you will need to set your account to public. But after the delivery is complete, you may switch back to a private account.

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