All you need to know about the Instagram’s new app – IGTV

• 01 July 2018

Last Updated on February 10, 2024

Instagram is having it’s best year in 2018, it has just reached 1 billion active users on the platform! On top of that Instagram has just revealed it’s new video platform.

You may have already heard about the all new Instagram’s app that’s getting a lot of attention during the past few days. On June 20, Instagram has announced the IGTV, which is a standalone app for long-form vertical videos. Unlike Instagram stories IGTV videos can take up to an hour long! And the best thing is that any Instagram user can create IGTV videos!

Now that everyone can be a part of this new video platform you may want to know how does it actually work. Don’t worry, it’s actually really simple and intuitive to use. Have you noticed the new icon on the right top corner of the Instagram’s app? Yes, that TV icon is actually the new IG TV everyone talks about right now!

IG TV is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices, as the IG TV is used for vertically aligned videos it is only available on mobile devices. The app users can the IGTV through the dedicated app or just by clicking on the IGTV icon on the Instagram top right corner.

There are not ads on IGTV yet, but there are no questions that IGTV will end up putting the ads in the future. However the great news for creators are that IGTV is planning to offer a way for creators to monetize the content and earn money, pretty much the same way as Youtube does, but focused on mobile viewers only.

Instagram has evolved from a simple phots and short videos sharing platform into a complex social network offering a variety of ways to post the visual content and one no one would doubt that it has became one of the hottest apps in 2018.

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