Are youtube likes and dislikes anonymous?

• 20 June 2019

Last Updated on March 2, 2023


Do you value your privacy?

Are you interested to find out who can see your likes and dislikes on YouTube?

If the answer is “heck yes I wanna know who can see my “likes and dislikes” or words to that effect, then stick around.

We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about your likes and dislikes in relation to privacy on YouTube.

Whether or not YouTube likes and dislikes are anonymous is a complicated question which is often asked.

It’s a tricky one because the answer is both yes and well, no.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Likes and dislikes on videos.


You can choose whether or not you want the likes (but not the dislikes) you give out on YouTube videos to be public.

There are also options to keep saved playlists and subscriptions private too:


However, even if you choose to keep all of your liked videos private, the owner of the channel where the video is posted will still be able to see your country of origin.

Obviously, the folks at Youtube will know which videos you have liked and disliked as well.

Likes on comments are anonymous by default.


If you dislike a video it is supposed to be completely anonymous. Same goes if you dislike a comment on YouTube.

What if someone’s digging around trying to find who liked or disliked their video?


YouTube has a strict security policy which means that only very general information about likers and dislikers is available to channel owners.

The type of information available to channel owners may include broad demographics like an age bracket, city, gender, or whether or not you have children etc.

Specific information, such as your name, address etc will never be accessible to anyone but the high-level employees in Youtube’s analytics departments.

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