#GettingItDone: The Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes

• 09 September 2019

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

Hashtags, pound notes/signs, or octothorpes (don’t ask) are pretty common on Instagram. The app uses these little symbols to denote, categorize, and manage their sheer volume of content into slightly more manageable streams of themed sections. They’re not something exclusive to Instagram, but chances are you encounter them way more here then other social media sites.

So, it’s a sorting tool. Why should you use it? Organization has its perks, and the simple act of following this rule lets your posts go to the right people as quickly as possible. Naturally, you should play by the rules if you want to improve your account growth. Work with the algorithm here, people. Keep that pound sign handy, and it’ll get you pretty far.

What Else Can You Get Out Of Hashtags?

For starters, you can get a lot of exposure. As long as your content hits the right audiences at the right update time, you’ll pretty much be set. Wait on the likes and comments to build your empire (mild exaggeration here). People tend to search for the hashtags of things they want to follow, and your stuff gets connected with their roaming community at large. If people just find your account with hashtags and content relevant to what interests them, they’ll probably start to follow you. This works wonders for reach in your network, and you’ll need every bit of spread you can get. Up your online presence, like counts, and follower base with this simple, one-key add-on.

Also, IG lets you track hashtags now. So not only can you do that, you can reasonably expect even more people to sort of bumble onto your relevant content and maybe sticking around with a follow.

New updates rolled out over time that really encouraged hashtag use. You can check out hashtag effectiveness with the Insight feature on top of the option to add them in your profile bio or IG stories. Instagram and hashtags just work really well together, and you’ve got to take advantage of that.

How To Make Up For The Start-Up Likes Disadvantage

Life isn’t a game, so ordering an online service wouldn’t really be pay-to-win. The existing and established accounts had the benefit of a less crowded market and more time to build themselves up. You can easily order likes from sites BuySocialMediaMarketing to catch up against the disparity, and there’s no shame in that. Hashtags provide likes, comments, and followers over time, but the initial boundary is likely the hardest to pass. Think of it as an expedience on the process rather than straight up skipping out. No one will think any less of you. Because no one should know.

Just to restate, these services aren’t illegal. There are no violations here, but people will judge you if you go about blabbing about it. So order an online package if you want, but don’t go around telling people likely to judge – or worse, out (reputation hits come from the dumbest things) – you for it.

How To Figure Out The Best Hashtags For What You’re Going For

What kind of audience are you going for? Using all the hashtags you can conjure up randomly won’t get you anywhere meaningful. In fact, you’ll probably piss off the few followers you managed to gather from the start as well. You’ve only (only?!) got thirty tags per post, max. Play it smart, and make sure the hashtags you use for each post are appropriate. In these cases, use keywords and SEO to improve your coverage on the market. This is actually a good thing to hammer your brand out, streamlining your account’s identity in a firm, gradual way. Also, feel free to take pages out of your competitions’ books or other influencers. They got where they are for a reason, and you can trust that they probably upped their # game a long time ago.

Note that bigger isn’t always better. Using #love would put you in a community followed by about 1.6 billion people. The problem with that is it puts you in a community with 1.6 billion people. Focus on popular niches, if that makes sense. The kind of categories that have you around the 10k-200k range, as these allows good growth for beginning levels for starting up. For example, say I used #love. I’d get nowhere pretty quickly, just like the other 1.6 billion people trying their luck. If I used a similar tag for a more focused crowd (like say, #lovetoletter) the results would probably be way more in my favour.

Do you want to your audience to feel you? Do you want to sell them something? Do you just want to post pictures about plants? Find what you want to try for and look at the people who succeeded in that. Learn from what they did right, and how they stayed relevant in the constantly shifting market.

There’s some analytics involved here, because what you’re doing is basically search engine optimization. It’s not really that complicated once you get the hang of it, and the info you pick up here will set you up for a lot of future experiences. Why not give it a go anyways?

Where To Check Out The Best Hashtags On Instagram

Weirdly, these aren’t available on the application natively. You’re going to need third party software to pull this off. Fortunately, we’ve found a great version that’s free and accessible.

Just open their charts and input the kind of list you’re looking for.

These are updated on the fly over time and make a great source to refer back on!

The site also offers a lot of hashtags segregated by theme. While some of these are sponsored, it’s actually a great indicator for a hashtag with potential but little existing presence. Feel free to check up on this place when you want to know what’s up to date.


Hashtags are a pretty strongly embedded aspect of Instagram, and success comes from working with the system in place. Hashtags are your friends and treating them right is self-care in the long run. Just pick your audience, your theme, and think on what would make them mesh best. Optimize everything and learn from everyone, and you’ll be set for that dope account glow-up.

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