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Instagram Comments: How To Post Gifs, Edit, Delete, Hide, Pin, Turn off Comments!
• 02 October 2023

Ever scrolled through an Instagram post and wondered how someone added that cool gif to their comment? Or perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of unwanted commentary and weren’t sure how to remove it?  Instagram comments, seemingly simple, have evolved into a feature-rich tool, enabling more engaging and dynamic interactions than ever before. From […] Read More

Why you should care more about Instagram comments
• 13 September 2019

While social media has a lot of different channels for interacting with people, comments are the best way to go by a long shot. You might follow the same people and like the same posts as they do, but comments let you individualize in the masses of faceless online followers. Sometimes, people even react to […] Read More

How to choose who can comment on your Instagram posts?
• 23 July 2019

Instagram gives users great control over their accounts’ comment section. You can decide just who gets to comment. You could limit the comments to just people you follow, people who follow you, both, and even neither if you wanted it that way. If your Instagram account is set to public, then anyone who sees your […] Read More