How to Unlock and Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis

• 28 May 2024
How to Unlock and Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis

It’s been a long time since you started using TikTok, and you might feel as if you know everything about the TikTok features, but it would be shocking to know that there are TikTok’s secret emojis. These emojis are 46 in number and are unique and hidden in codes.

 Why are these emojis considered secret emojis? 

It’s a fact that these emojis are hidden from the main keyboard, so not everyone knows about them. When they are not known by every person, they can’t be used by every user. You can add a bit of charm to your captions by using TikTok’s Secret Emojis.

Quick Answer:

  1. Type the secret emoji code within square brackets [ ].
  2. Each emoji has a unique code.
  3. For example, to use the drool emoji:
    • Type: [drool]
  4. When you press the space bar, the drooling emoji will appear on the screen.

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Use of TikTok Secret Emoji: 

Are you reflecting on how to unlock and use TikTok’s secret emojis? Hold on! This article is all about TikTok’s secret emojis and how to use them. You might have wondered how to access these emojis, and this article is going to help you out with it. 

Using emojis on social media platforms can increase audience engagement by up to 50%. In fact, it is the best way to take advantage of something which is assumed to be normal and helps you engage visitors with your content.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps up until now. It is very likely that users are not fully aware of all the features it offers. Let’s just look for more creative ways to write your captions, because emojis are one of the best ways to make your content look different from the others. 

How to Unlock Secret Emojis: 

This is something really interesting yet easy to learn. TikTok emojis are visual representations of how you feel. Almost every individual uses these emojis to show their expressions. What’s even more interesting is that these emojis appear the same on different devices and different operating systems. 

There are 46 secret TikTok emojis. A step-by step guide will make it easier for you to learn. This is how you can unlock TikTok’s secret emojis.

Step 1:

Visit the TikTok Emoji section.

Step 2:

Enter the emoji code enclosed in square brackets, like [smile].

Step 3:

Press the space button, and the desired emoji will appear on the screen.

And here you are with the easiest 3 steps to unlock your hidden or secret TikTok emojis. However, they are not that hidden; it’s just that they don’t appear on the keyboard like ordinary emojis. 

TikTok Secret Emojis: 

There are two more categories, depending on how they look. The first group consists of round, colorful emojis, whereas the other group has white-colored emojis with either a flattened top or a flattened bottom

 Round Face Emojis: 

How to Unlock and Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis
  1. [smile]
  2. [happy]
  3. [angry]
  4. [cry]
  5. [embarrassed]
  6. [wronged]
  7. [surprised]
  8. [shout]
  9. [face with rolling eyes]
  10. [yummy]
  11. [funny face]
  12. [greedy]
  13. [drool]
  14. [scream]

And much more! 

Flattened Emojis (Dumpling Emojis):    

  1. [wow]
  2. [joyful]
  3. [slap]
  4. [tears]
  5. [stun]
  6. [cute]
  7. [blink]
  8. [rage]
  9. [cool]
  10. [pride]
  11. [proud]

And the list goes on!

How to Use TikTok Secret Emojis: 

Emojis are now an important part of conversation, like spices in curry. Consider that there is something you can’t deliver effectively, but a single click of an emoji can do the best job for you and help you express your emotions.

It is very important to keep in mind that these emojis are hidden or secret. You can access them only on the TikTok app by downloading them on your phones and cannot access them on the TikTok websites. 

There are a total of 46 emojis, and they have different uses. They are occasionally used to convey the emotions of users. Below are the emojis with their codes, describing where to use them and how to use them.

1- [happy]


This emoji shows great excitement and enjoyment, showing your contentment.

Shortcode: The shortcode used for the TikTok secret emoji being happy is [happy].

2- [smile]


The smile emoji shows happiness, agreement, and sweet gestures.

Shortcode: The code for using the TikTok secret emoji smile is [smile].

3- [angry]


The angry emoji expresses displeasure and outrage with furrowed brows. It clearly shows the annoyance and frustration.

Shortcode: The shortcode used for the TikTok secret emoji angry is [angry]. 

4- [cry]


The cry emoji expresses sad feelings, upset emotions, and grief.

 Shortcode: TikTok’s secret emoji code for crying is [cry].

5- [embarrassed]

The embarrassed emoji express uncomfortable, awkward, and uneasy moments.

 Shortcode: The code for TikTok secret emoji language, [embarrassed]. 

6- [shout]

Shouting is similar to screaming or venting and reveals a frustrated feeling, either good or bad.

Shortcode: The shortcode to unlock the TikTok secret emoji is [shout].

7- [drool]

Drooling refers to the admiration of something; when you like or adore a certain thing, you use this emoji to show affection.

Shortcode:  The shortcode used is [drool].

8- [flushed]

This emoji reveals sudden emotions of either being way too excited or a sudden adrenaline rush through the body.

Shortcode: The code to unlock this hidden emoji, [flushed].

9- [laugh with tears]

It is very important to learn about the codes, as this emoji shows extreme laughter. It expresses when you find something really funny that makes you laugh out loud. 

Shortcode: The code to unlock this emoji is [laugh with tears].

10- [speechless] 

This emoji is used to express emotions when you are out of words and cannot understand how to express what you feel because you don’t want to say a word.

 Shortcode: The code to unlock this emoji is [speechless].

The above-mentioned are some of the commonly used round-faced emojis and how to use them; however, there are many others available in the TikTok app, and you can unlock them by just applying the code. How interesting and easy is this to do? 

Now let’s just briefly discuss the dumpling emojis having a flattened top or bottom. These emojis carry their own unique meanings based on their unique appearance. Meanwhile, unlocking these emojis is as easy as unlocking the other ones. Let’s learn how to unlock TikTok Secret Emojis of this kind.

 Dumplings : 

 1- [angel]:  This emoji reflects innocence, goodwill, and kindness. 

2- [astonishment]:  The furrowed brows clearly represent the state of shock—something unbelievable that has amazed you.

3- [blink]:  Well, it is very obvious from the name. Blink emojis are used to express a playful attitude or flirty mood.

4- [hehe]:  Eyes turned to one side. The hehe emoji is used to convey a joyful reaction, something playful.

5- [rage]: TikTok’s secret emoji rage reflects frustration and extreme angriness.

6- [tears]:  TikTok’s secret dumpling is used to express grief, sorrow, sadness and crying feelings. 

7-[slap]:  This emoji can be used in two ways: either you are using it to express how insulted you feel and it feels like a slap on your face, or you use it to tell the other person that you would slap them.
8- [wow]:  As the name shows clearly, this emoji is used when you are amazed, wondering, and left with amusement.

9- [pride]: The pride emoji with the raised brows is used to express the emotions of how proud you feel over success or your accomplishments.


Why to Use TikTok Secret Emojis: 

These emojis are called locked, secret, or hidden emojis because they are not displayed on the ordinary keyboard, but it is mandatory to type the code for a particular emoji. People often wonder why it is important to learn how to unlock TikTok Secret Emojis and how to use them.

Don’t you feel there is a need for you to make your content look a bit more classy and attractive, to create a change from your previous posts? 

If not, then this is the time to take a step forward and learn the new techniques regarding how to unlock TikTok secret emojis. TikTok secret emojis are not used by every user because not everyone knows about them, so it’s a great chance for you to learn as soon as possible about how to use the TikTok hidden emojis. The TikTok app is offering you guys this feature, so what are you waiting for? 

Conclusion : 

It is always better to choose something distinctive because it is the only way to attract others. What’s even more interesting is that it is an unpaid feature, which makes it more convenient for the users. It is very important to learn about the shortcodes, as they are the key to unlocking the TikTok Secret Emojis. 

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