How to Wave At Someone on Facebook Messenger?

• 19 September 2023

In the digital age, we communicate with friends and family differently. We can now welcome one other online, in person, or over the phone. Many people use Facebook Messenger to chat, which lets you “wave” to someone. 

Messenger’s wave feature sends a digital hello, like raising your hand to say “hi” to a friend across the street. It’s a casual way to say you’re thinking of someone without typing a message. Read on to learn how to use this fun and simple function. Each step will be explained, making you a waving pro in no time!

How to add ‘wave’ as your default emoji on Facebook Messenger

Easy Steps to Wave on Facebook Messenger

1. Open Facebook Messenger App

To begin, open Messenger using your Facebook account. Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store if you don’t have it. To access this function, launch the app and press the blue speech bubble with a white lightning bolt. 

It will bring you to the home screen of Messenger, displaying your ongoing chats. Imagine stepping into a room where everyone is eager to chat with you.

2. Open a Chat with Your Friend

The Messenger app’s topmost portion is a search bar. Enter a friend’s name and send them a virtual wave. If you attempt to contact an old friend or make a new connection, their name will appear as you type it in the list below. Tap the right name to select it. A conversation window will pop up, just as when you walk up to a friend in real life.

3. Click on their name at the top

There are a few options underneath the chat box before you start typing. A waving hand appears in one of the icons. It’s the nonverbal way of communicating “hello” or “hi” in any language. Imagine giving someone a virtual hand wave as you pass them on the street.

4. Click ‘Emoji’ and choose ‘Wave’ emoji

Once you select ‘Wave’ as your default emoji, you can simply click on it in the message bar instead of the previous ‘Like’ emoji.

Quick note: If you wish to send a wave just once, you can simply click on the chat bar and search for ‘Wave’ emoji and simply tap the hand icon to send a virtual wave to a friend. Your pal will be alerted that you’ve waved to them. Think of it as a little touch on the shoulder to let them know you remember them in your thoughts.

After you send a wave, your friend can respond to your wave. The recipient can respond with a wave, a text, or a video call. Tossing a ball to a friend and seeing if they catch it is a good analogy. Waving is a casual and easy method to start a conversation or say hello to someone.


In summary, waving on Facebook Messenger is more than just an animated gif. The gesture is a kind and unspoken saying, “Hey, I’m here, and you’re on my mind.” Never forget the importance of maintaining relationships. 

Send hand waves to your friends awhile having a conversation. Such small gestures let us stay connected with loved ones despite the prevalence of screens in our daily lives. If you haven’t chatted to a buddy and see them on Messenger in a while, why not give them a wave? It’s a humble gesture inspired by genuine kindness.

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