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The Best Social Media Marketing Tactics to Scare up Sales this Halloween.
• 23 October 2018
The Best Social Media Marketing Tactics to Scare up Sales this Halloween.

Halloween is coming and so is the yearly scramble to conjure up creepily compelling content. To this end, we’ve scoured the internet and gathered up all of the best social media marketing tactics to scare up sales this Halloween. Halloween is coming and so is the yearly scramble to conjure up creepily compelling content. To […] Read More

How the Instagram algorithm works in 2018
• 18 October 2018

If you’ve noticed that your Instagram posts aren’t getting the level of exposure that they used to, you’re not alone. In 2018 a series of updates to the Instagram algorithm has been implemented, forcing businesses and influencers to work ever harder to get eyeballs on their content. Gone are the days of the latest posts […] Read More

Here’s what you need to know about video marketing and social media in 2018
• 17 September 2018

The growth and engagement in video marketing is staggering. More than 60 hours of footage is uploaded every minute on YouTube and 700 videos are shared each minute on Twitter. 2017 figures show that 85% of Americans watch videos regularly online. In fact, watching videos makes up over a third of all online activity, and […] Read More

All you need to know about the Instagram’s new app – IGTV
• 01 July 2018

Instagram is having it’s best year in 2018, it has just reached 1 billion active users on the platform! On top of that Instagram has just revealed it’s new video platform. You may have already heard about the all new Instagram’s app that’s getting a lot of attention during the past few days. On June […] Read More

Introducing Soundcloud Marketing Services including Plays, Likes, Followers & more!
• 30 May 2018

We have started offering promotion services on Soundcloud platform. We have been working hard for the past 6 months, and after hours and hours of work we are proud to start offering an exceptional promotion services for Musicians and Podcasters on Soundcloud! As you probably know Soundcloud is the largest music and audio platform on […] Read More

Social Proof in Social Media Marketing
• 17 April 2018

Would any of you ladies out there like to light up an empowering tobacco-filled Torch of Freedom? You go girl! Stick it to the patriarchy by sucking down those little carcinogenic liberty lights. Although calling cigarettes ‘Torches of Freedom’ in order to sell them sounds like a scene from the multi-award-winning, advertising agency-based TV show […] Read More

We have updated! – Bitcoin payments, Cart and new User interface have been implemented.
• 17 March 2018

We are pleased to let you know that we have made a huge update on BuySocialMediaMarketing! A CART has been implemented! After receiving a number of your requests we have implemented a cart functionality. From now own you can put multiple packages into your cart and checkout whenever you want. Your cart items will be […] Read More

How to choose the right Social Media Influencer?
• 05 March 2018

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER? The rapidly changing market has forced business representatives to look for other ways to communicate with their customers, especially when the decline in the efficiency of traditional marketing has been observed. Advertising is so widespread and therefore must be distinct in order to draw consumers’ attention. However, […] Read More

Instagram Services have been updated with new features!
• 06 July 2017

Instagram Images Selection feature is BACK with a bang!   It is great news for our customers that you won’t need to do that repetitious Instagram posts links copying and pasting job in order to get likes, comments or views on your images or videos on Instagram. We only need your Instagram username now, that’s […] Read More

We have updated! Check out what’s new.
• 11 June 2016
We have updated! Check out what’s new.

We have been working on this update for past 3 months. You might think what took us so long, because site does not look a lot different at first sight. We have kept the same design, but we have completely changed our site’s source code and linking structure, it is now dynamic, much faster and […] Read More